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     The wait is over!  The newest patterns and styles in tropical prints and scrumptious solid fabrics are now here at HerDashery.  Drop by while the selection is great.  

     Also, the “Travel” pant, perfect for the season is now available in heathered charcoal and Brazilian brown. Don’t forget the basic colors like black and navy.  They are perfect to pair with most every top, tunic or sweater in the collection for ease and elegance!       

VINEYARD VINES: Nautical Navy comes ashore

 For the Love of Lilly, It’s Here!

     Check out the new holiday and homecoming dresses designed to wear more than once! They feature sexy and simple silhouettes, so you can totally add a blazer or cardigan to create an entirely different look. These dresses also have just enough embellishments to make them pop at homecoming, but not so much that you won’t be able to dress them down with a pair of flats and a leather jacket.  

     While the dresses are beautiful on their own, it always makes you feel a little smarter when there’s another opportunity to wear that favorite dress.


Homecoming and Holiday has never looked better

Short Sassy Dresses Perfect for Frolicking Fun!

      The latest collection of Vineyard Vines has arrived!  The collection is clean and crisp, full of lipstick pink and nautical navy.  With lattice, shells and rope prints, there are lots of accent pieces to freshen up that classic wardrobe.  New colorful sweaters and Shep shirts complete the collection.

      If your clothing obsession includes navy somewhere in every outfit, Vineyard Vines in the perfect collection for your closet!

    From Canada, Ribkoff is a leading designer of trends that reflect the greatest styling in the world market.  This season is no exception!

Joseph Ribkoff



1019 Fourth Avenue

Conway, SC 29526